Internet Rechartering is a Web-based method for units to renew their charters from any online location.  It is easy, convenient, and accurate because you enter the information yourself!

Here’s how it works: the Council has an Internet Rechartering page with instructions and a link to the software.  The unit leader will receive its charter renewal postcard in the mail which includes an access code especially for the unit.  The unit selects an adult to complete the online process. This renewal processor uses the access code to log onto the Internet Rechartering Web site, 

The system lets you enter new members, renew current members, and update information for any registrant.  When completed, the new unit roster is submitted to ScoutNET and a Unit Charter Renewal Report Package is printed. This package includes the unit charter application. Acquire the signatures for the application and send it, the rest of the package, any new youth and adult applications, and all fees to the council.

The following links contain helpful information for using the new Internet Recharter System.


        1. The following links contains a pdf document that guides you                               step by step through each screen of the Internet Recharter Process.                 In addition, there is a step by step video that you can download.                       It is highly recommended that you preview these items before you                     start the Recharter Process as there have been a few changes since               last year.

            2018 Recharter System Document

            2018 Recharter Video

      2. When you are ready to begin the Recharter process, the following link              will take you to the website.

         Internet Rechartering System

      3. In order to calculate your final Recharter (including Georgia Sales tax-              which is NOT included on the recap page for internet recharter) you                  may download the following Excel Spreadsheet or the appropriate                    Registration Fees Document. 

          2018 Recharter Calculator

      2019 Registration Fees

       4.  Prior to arrival, please ensure you have the following documents: 

           2018 Recharter Check Sheet