Updated 10.7.2019


The 2020 membership fee will not be finalized by National until Oct. 23rd. We apologize for the inconvenience and are trying to find out the cost ASAP. Our current fee is $40 and $12 for optional Scout Life magazine. Please prepare your families for a likely increase for membership. This fee is decided by National. As we know more information we will send it out to our units.

All adults must sign a NEW background check disclosure including youth who have turned 18. 18 and older applicants must take Youth Protection and turn in a certificate.


For Internet Rechartering, Click Here:

Before begining Internet Rechartering, collect all member information, including new member applications with appropriate signatures. Consult the HELP, and the TUTORIAL, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for additional instructions on using Internet Rechartering.

Below are helpful links and tips:

2020 Charter Renewal Helpful Tips 

2020 Recharter Checklist 

2020 NEW Background Check Disclosure Form

2020 Registration Fees - Coming Soon

2020 Council/District Level Reregistration Form 

2019 JTE Pack Scorecard

2019 JTE Troop Scorecard

2019 JTE Crew Scorecard

2019 JTE Post Scorecard

Adult Application (Fillable PDF)

Youth Application (Fillable PDF)


  1. Recharters are due by District Roundtable - Thursday, January 9, 2020.
  2. There are no transfer applications at recharter time (December 1, 2019 - January 31, 2020).
  3. Every year you receive a new access code for rechartering - You must log in as a first-time user every year!
  4. Recharter is not a paperless process.
  5. All leaders and youth over the age of 18 must have current youth protection for their program. The system will not allow you to submit your charter if anyone does not have YPT or if any have expired.
  6. All leaders and youth over the age of 18 must complete the NEW background disclosure dated 1.1.2020 or later.
  7. Units who have an advancement chair - must add this as a secondary position to the adult.
  8. Required Positions per Unit: 


IH, CR, CC, (2)MC’s, OR (1) MC AND (1) PT, CM and 1 Den Leader, either a TL, DL, or WL. There must be an AP for every registered Tiger Cub and a LP for every registered Lion Cub. The following is Optional: CA, WA, DA, PT.


IH, CR, CC, (2)MC’s and SM. The SA is optional.


IH, CR, CC, (2) MC’s, and NL. The NA is optional.


Access to the Unit Charter Renewal Ssytem (UCRS) or Internet Rechartering starts 90 days before and ends 30 days after the unit's charter expiration date. UCRS access will open on October 9, 2019 and close on March 1, 2020. Once the unit begins to access Internet Rechartering, they should be careful with accepting BeAScout Online applications to avoice cases when the member is only registered for the expiring year and not the new charter year. 



What is a Charter?

In the BSA, a charter authorizes an organization to operate BSA Scouting units. It certifies the agreement between a chartered organization - an organization that agrees to utilize Scouting as part of its service to youth - and the Boy Scouts of America, setting expectations for the quality of program to be delivered. Issuing a charter is one of the oldest traditions in Scouting.

Why is a Charter renewed annually?

Charters are usually issued for a period of 1 year; hence, Chartered Organizations must submit an application to the Council annually to renew its charter. the requirements to renew a charter:

  • Fosters a formal, timely plan for regular dialogue between charter organization and BSA, and
  • Assures membership is current so Scouts can participate in Scouting activities and advance in rank.

Who can I contact with specfiic questions?

Contact your Unit Commissioner, District Commissioner or your District Executive for help with charter renewal.

Best wishes to all for a stress-free and successful Recharter Season!!