Council Operations

2019-2021 Council Strategic Plan

Nominating Committee Process


                                 Council Committee's

Program/ Committee Volunteer Chairman Staff Advisor
Council President  Sam Tyson Dan Rogers
Council Commissioner Paul Korinko Mike Shook
Commissioner College Paul Korinko Mike Shook
Legal Counsel Daniel Rhodes Dan Rogers
Treasurer Charles Mason Dan Rogers
V.P. Administration Betty Dyches Dan Rogers
Enterprise Risk Management Ron Pflieger Dan Rogers
Governance   Dan Rogers
Health and Safety Tracy Baker Dan Rogers
Insurance Review Andy Knox Dan Rogers
Nominating Committee Jeremy Wilson Dan Rogers
Properties Randy Watkins Dan Rogers
Strategic Planning Jeff Foley Dan Rogers
Council Website   Dan Rogers
Council Compass Newsletter   Dan Rogers
V.P. Finance Scott Edwards Dan Rogers
Budget Development Scott Edwards Dan Rogers
Endowment Jeff Burnette Dan Rogers
Endowment Trust Keenan Mann Dan Rogers
Audit   Dan Rogers
Compensation and Benefits Greg Francisco Dan Rogers
V.P. Fund Development Michael Harley Dan Rogers
Camp Card Sale   Ron Bane
Capital Michael Harley Dan Rogers
Fleur-De-Lis Daniel Rhodes, Wesley Brown  
Foundations and Grants   Dan Rogers
Friends of Scouting   Dan Rogers
Golf Tournaments Ricky Mays Dan Rogers
Popcorn Sale Jessica Hornsby Dan Rogers
Second Century Society Sam Tyson Dan Rogers
United Way Relations Sam Tyson Dan Rogers
V.P. District Operations Dr. Gregory Francisco Mike Shook
District Nominating Committee DR. Gregory Francisco Mike Shook
District Training Workshop Deb Lanham Mike Shook
V.P. Membership Allan Coutts Mike Shook
Recruiting   Mike Shook
Webelos Crossover   Mike Shook
New Unit Organization   Mike Shook
Retention   Mike Shook
Chartered Partner Relations   Mike Shook
Family Scouting   Emily Banks
V.P. Program Suellen Cermenaro Dan Rogers
Advancement and Recognition Robert Lowrie Dan Rogers
Alumni Relations   Mike Shook
Council Banquet Suellen Cermenaro Mike Shook
Eagle Board - Creek Steven Goff Mike Shook
Eagle Board - Kiokee Dr. Gregory Francisco Ron Bane
Eagle Board - Yamasee Mike Padgett Emily Banks
NESA / Eagle Banquet Maury Locke Mike Shook
Special Awards Robert Lowrie Dan Rogers
Camping Committee   Dan Rogers
Summer Camp Shelia Zimmerman Dan Rogers
Camp Master Program   Dan Rogers
Cope Rich Baker Dan Rogers
Aquatics Dr. David Gloystein Ron Bane
Shooting Sports Craig / Jan Zimmerman Ron Bane
NCAP Joyce Widby Dan Rogers
High Adventure Bill Neal Dan Rogers
100th Anniversary Robert Bolton Jr. Mike Shook
Cub Scout Program Jami Jacobs  
Spring Cub Fun Day Kristy Ghrist Emily Banks
Cub Day Camp By District   
Big Cat Safari Tracy & Serena Singer Mike Shook
Webelos Resident Camp Shelia Zimmerman Dan Rogers
Spookoree Simone Brandon / Esther Jackson Mike Shook
Liger Paws Tracy & Serena Singer Mike Shook
Webelosree Marcus Lathrop Emily Banks
Augusta Green Jackets Scout Day Kyle French Emily Banks
Scouts BSA    
Bob White Lodge, Order of the Arrow Robert Reeder Ron Bane
Klondike Derby Joyce Widby, Dawn Diver  
Merit Badge University   Ron Bane
Good Turn for America    
International Scouting Ed Shannan Dan Rogers
Venturing Officers Association Doug Thornton Mike Shook
Area 5 Legacy / Winterfest    
Exploring   Ron Bane
Training Deb Lanham Ron Bane
District Training Workshop Deb Lanham Mike Shook
University of Scouting Dave Kenney Ron Bane
Trainers Edge Doug Thornton Mike Shook
Woodbadge 2020 Doug Thornton Mike Shook
IOLS Rick Gruby  
Baloo Deb Lanham  
NYLT Chris Bennett  

Position Name Telephone
Scout Executive Daniel Rogers (706) 733-5277 Email