Knox Scout Reservation is blessed to have an outstanding Low Cope Course that is available not only at summer camp, but year-round for Scouts and other groups to come and experience.  The program works to help particpants in 8 main areas:

  • Communication

  • Trust 

  • Leadership

  • Problem Solving

  • Planning

  • Teamwork

  • Decison Making

  • Self Esteem

The 2018 Knox Cope Program at summer camp will be a 1/2 day program and will require at least 5 participants weekly to run.

For full details of the 2018 Camp COPE Program click here. 


The course is also available by reservation on certain weekends. Available weekends include: February 17/18, March 3/4, April 14/15, May 18/19, June 9/10, July 21/22. 

The cost for the course is 

  • Half-Day Program   $60 + $10 per particpant. 

  • Full Day Program   $100 + $16 per participant

Fees help to pay trained/certified instructors as well as maintain the course.  To make a reservation please complete the request form and we will check availability of the course and instructors. 

Cope Course Reservation Form


COPE Elements at KSR

  • Whale watch

  • Triangle traverse

  • Wild woosey

  • Criss cross

  • Artesian beam

  • Swinging log

  • Cable traverse

  • Trust fall 

  • Tire traverse

  • The wall

  • Porthole

  • Spiderweb

  • Islands

  • The beam

  • Giants finger