NRA Instructor Rifle and Shotgun


Apr 9, 2021 8:30 am to Apr 11, 2021 5:00 pm



Knox Scout Reservation
1150 Fred R. Prater Pkwy
Lincolnton, GA 30817
Location Phone: 706-733-5277


To register for this course follow this link NRARead the discription below BEFORE you register!

NRA Instructor Training

Scout Leaders and volunteers wanting to become an NRA Instructor for Rifle and/or Shotgun may take the Georgia-Carolina Council classes at a significant discount. Scouts may also enroll in these classes if approved by a member of the council Shooting Sports Committee. In exchange for the reduced training costs, the Council Shooting Sports Committee expects certified instructors to volunteer and frequently participate in the council’s year-round shooting program and camps.

Boy Scout Troops having NRA credentialed instructors (and an NRA certified Range Safety Officer) can conduct their own shooting sports activities independent of the district or council.

The prerequisite for taking an NRA Instructor Course(s) is completion of the NRA Basics of Rifle and/or Shotgun Shooting with an exam score of 90% AND successfully completing the prequalification firearm handling and shooting requirements. Taking an Instructor course does not guarantee credentialling – all candidates must meet the NRA standards. There is NOT a separate or lower BSA standard.

All NRA Instructor Candidates MUST complete the Basic Instructor Training Course (BIT) offered in conjunction with NRA Instructor Courses. If an individual is already an NRA Instructor in another discipline and has taken BIT within two years, he/she MAY not have to repeat the course.

The Shooting Sports Committee offers Instructor Training in a weekend format beginning on Friday for BIT, and the Instructor Disciplines on Saturday and Sunday. These are full day courses that may last up to 11 hours or more depending on how long candidates need to achieve the course objectives.

The Georgia-Carolina Council cost for an Instructor Course is $50. The Basic Instructor Course is $20.00.

All instructor candidates must register at the NRA Training Website: Then select discipline – rifle and or instructor training. You may choose both on this page if you are registering for both classes. There is not a separate listing for the BIT Course. It is imbedded with the rifle instructor course. If an individual wants only shotgun, register for that but put a note stating that BIT is needed, and the cost is $70. You must register for Rifle and Shotgun separately.

POCs for Instructor Training are Craig and Jan Zimmerman (H) 706-359-4899

Jan (Mobile) 706-832-0273 , Craig (Mobile) 706-832-7889.