2024 Popcorn Kickoff


Aug 13, 2024 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm



Nature & Adventure Center
4316 Three J. Road
Evans, GA 30809


This year you can earn Adult Leader registration!

Calling all units to join us for the Popcorn Kick off! Help us keep your council fees low and learn about all the amazing prizes we are offering this year. You must have a unit representative present to get the show and sell time slots. 

Top Reasons to Sell Popcorn This Year

1. **Paid Leader Registration:** By participating in the popcorn fundraiser, you can help ensure that our dedicated Scout leaders have the resources they need to continue guiding and mentoring our Scouts. The funds raised from selling popcorn can contribute towards covering leader registration fees, allowing our leaders to focus on providing quality programs and experiences for our Scouts without financial burdens.

2. **Keep Council Fees Low:** Selling popcorn is a fantastic way to support our local Scouting council and help keep membership fees and program costs low for all Scouts. By actively participating in the fundraiser, you are directly contributing to the financial health of our council, which can ultimately benefit all members by keeping Scouting accessible and affordable for everyone.

3. **Help Improve Our Scouting Facilities:** The funds generated from selling popcorn can also be used to enhance and improve our Scouting facilities, such as campsites, meeting spaces, and activity areas. By raising money through the popcorn fundraiser, we can invest in the maintenance, upgrades, and development of our facilities, creating a better environment for all Scouts to learn, grow, and enjoy their Scouting adventures.

Selling popcorn this year is not just about raising funds; it's about investing in the future of Scouting, supporting our leaders, keeping Scouting accessible, and enhancing our Scouting facilities for the benefit of all members. Your participation in the popcorn fundraiser plays a vital role in helping us achieve these goals and continue to provide a high-quality Scouting experience for our youth.

Let's come together, sell some popcorn, and make a positive impact on our Scouting community!  

File Name Description
2024 Popcorn Rewards Download
2024 Popcorn Take Order Form Download
2024 Unit Kernal Guide Download
Unit Leader Planner One-page guide to help plan the popcorn budget. Download