Awards & Recognition

Annually the Georgia-Carolina Council will present a selection of awards to recognize volunteers for their dedicated service to the Scouting program. These awards acknowledge individuals who continue to provide a quality Scouting experience to youth throughout the CSRA and surrounding communities. Please consider nominating dedicated Scouters that have influenced the program throughout their council, districts and communities.

Nominations open on October 1, 2021 and are due by December 31, 2021

Awards open for nomination at this time:

  • District Award of Merit
    • an award presented to Scouters who've rendered outstanding service at the District-level.
  • Baden-Powell Award
    • is presented to leaders at the unit and district-level who demonstrates values as a trusted mentor, guide, and protector of youth as did Lord Baden-Powell. This nominee nurtures and develops youth to become leaders of character, physical and moral fitness, and sound citizenship to exemply the Scout Oath & Law.
  • Michael "Doc" Graybeal Award
  • Margaret Carden Ole' Hoss Award
  • Silver Beaver Award
    • the highest council-level award presented to volunteers for distinguished service to youth.
  • President's Award
    • presented to a tenured volunteer who has contributed extraordinary work in scouting and provided extensive service at the council-level by recommendation of the Council President.
  • Fred C. Davison Award
    • is presented to those who've contributed outstanding service to support the council camping program and the development of facilities and program at local council scout camps.
  • James H. Conley Commissioner's Award
    • in reocognition of those who have demonstrated extended tenure in outstanding service to units as a member of the district or council-level Commissioner Corps, presented annually by the Council Commissioner.
  • Alumnus of the Year Award
    • to recognize those active in engaging scouting alumni in fostering a lifetime relationship with scouting.
  • Venturing Leadership Award
    • in recognition of service provided to the Venturing program at the council-level.
  • Veteran Award / Alumni Award
    • to recognize adult volunteers for time and tenure in scouting service.
  • NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award
    • a distinguished recognition awarded to Eagle Scouts for outstanding service to his profession and community.

Council-level awards will be presented at the Council Recognition Banquet on *date to be announced*

To Submit A Nomination : Online - Nomination forms may be submitted online below; In-Office - Forms may be submitted to the Awards & Recognition mailbox posted in the GACA Council Office.


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