Scouts Serve

Opportunites for service by Scouts are plentiful in the CSRA. On this page we will share opportunities that we know of. If your organization would like to share an opportunity with use please contact the council service center. 

Billion Graves

If headstones could talk, they would have a lot of stories to tell. But they can't, so BillionGraves is the next best thing. As gravestones deteriorate, those stories are quickly fading away. We need to capture them before it's too late.

BillionGraves is the world's largest GPS-linked cemetery data resource. After the images of the headstones have been taken, the names and dates are transcribed. The data is then made readily available for free on and for millions of families around the globe for generations to come.

Then, even if a loved one's gravestone is damaged or worn by time, the invaluable information recorded at their final resting place will still be available for genealogical research to honor our ancestors and loved ones.

In just a short visit – about an hour – 300 to 400 records can be preserved. When you are finished taking photos, upload them with one click of a button to BillionGraves’ database. As the photos are taken, each one is automatically tagged with a GPS location and a pin appears on a map marking the location of the gravestone.

To learn more about specific areas that need recorded please contact 


Phinizy Center for Water Sciences

We can always schedule litter pickups around the trails and the park.

We are in need for groups of people to be a part of our ADOPT-A-TRAIL program.  Basically, they adopt a trail here and keep it up by coming out at least once a month and clean up that trail by litter pickup and/or vegetation cut back (only if needed), ... etc. The scouts would just need to pick a trail and send us a report of what they did and how many hours that one time a month they come out.