RP3 Virtual Series Part III - Crowns


Jan 29, 2022 11:00 am to 3:00 pm



Virtual via Zoom
Scouting at Home!
Augusta, GA 30909



P.R.A.Y. Announces 4 New Workshops

P.R.A.Y. volunteer Krissy Richardson will spearhead another mini-series on the Bible Basics RP3 Patches to open 2022. Krissy is the Children’s Ministry Director of Grace Baptist Church in Warren, Oregon where she serves as Troop Shepherd for AHG Troop OR3130. Krissy hopes to assemble a team of presenters to join her for the workshop. 

This series is for all grades and it targets families: a parent or guardian is required to participate alongside their child. The discussion will be directed to adult-child teams and encourage interaction between them.

All are welcome! This workshop will introduce you to the Bible, facilitate discussion between parent/guardian and child, and encourage you on your faith journeys.

There are 4 workshops to earn 4 patches over the next 4 months. Participants may pick and choose which patches you want to earn, i.e. you do not have to attend all 4 workshops. Here are the topics and dates for these workshops:


Crowns - January 29, 2022

Kings and Queens wear crowns. Crowns are an honor and responsibility.

Click to register for the Crowns Workshop


Great Trees - February 26, 2022

Click to register for the Great Trees Workshop

We sometimes take trees and our planet for granted. But the Bible uses great trees to teach us important lessons.


Rope (New) - March 26, 2022

Rope will be live in late February 2022

Strong rope holds other things together. Here are three Bible stories that show God’s power illustrated by rope. 


Birds of the Air - April 30, 2022

Click to register for the Birds of the Air Workshop

People enjoy birds for their bright colors, their songs and calls, and their distinct personalities. We can also learn important lessons from them.


Schedule and Times

The workshop schedule consists of 3 sessions (each session is 45 minutes) with 1 short break (15 minutes) and 1 long break (1 hour). Here are the starting and ending times by time zone:

Pacific          8am - noon

Mountain      9am - 1pm

Central         10am - 2pm

Eastern        11am - 3pm

Registration and Cost

Registration is through the P.R.A.Y. webstore. There is a $5 fee for the cost of the patch including shipping.

Why RP3?

·    To have fun reading the Bible and to grow in faith!

·    To interact with a parent/guardian or other adult who cares for you.

·    To learn what RP3 is all about and practice using it for Bible study.

·    If you are in a scouting program, to earn a patch for your uniform to show that faith is important to you!