Kiokee River District


Welcome to the Kiokee River District Web page.  We hope this page is helpful and informative as well as intertaining.  

At Present the Kiokee River District consists of more than more than 300 registered and trained adult volunteers ready and willing to serve more than 800 male and female Scouts, Explorers and Venturers who are currently registered and active in more than 32 Packs, Troops, Crews, and Posts within our district.

The Kiokee River District consists of 8 counties, seven of which are in Georgia and one in South Carolina and make up a total land mass of approx. 2,327 sq. miles with a total popluation of approx. 213,823. 

Please see some fun facts about our Kiokee River District communities that you may not know.       

Columbia County:      Named for Christopher Columbus

Square Miles:              308

Population:                  154,291

Fun Fact:                     Kiokee Baptist Church was the first Baptist Church in Ga. And was founded by Daniel Marshall in 1772 in present day Appling County     


Lincolnton County:     Named for Benjamin Lincoln who served in the Continental Army 

Square Miles:              357

Population:                  7915

Fun Fact:                     On Feb. 20, 1796 Lincoln County was established as the twenty-fourth county in Georgia. Before then its territory was part of Wilks Co.


Wilks County:             Named for John Wilkes a British Politician supporter of American independence

Square Miles:              474

Population:                  9876

Fun Fact:                     Considered Georgia’s First County and was established by European Americans, it was the first of eight counties created in the state constitution on Feb. 5, 1777.


McDuffie County:      Named for SC Governor George McDuffie

Square Miles:              266

Population:                  21531

Fun Fact:                     Most communities in McDuffie Co. were founded before the county was created.  Some of which have fallen into obscurity.  However, the historic Wrightsbourough foundation preserves the memory of the early settlement Wrightsborough which was occupied from 1768 to 1920.    


Taliferro Co:               Named for Col Benjamin Taliferro of Virginia

Square Miles:              195

Population:                  1908

Fun Fact:                     Formed in 1924 by taking parts of five other counties, Wilkes, Green, Hancock, Oglethorpe, and Warren counties.  It is the 2nd least populated county east of the Mississippi next to Issaquena Co. Mississippi.


Glascock Co:              Named for Thomas Glascock a Soldier in the War of 1812, General in the first Seminal War, and US Representative.

Square Miles:              144

Population:                  3082

Fun Fact:                     The County was Created on Dec. 19, 1857 and has the fourth smallest population in Georgia.                                                                                                                    


Warren Co:                 Named after General Joseph Warren Killed at the Battle of Bunker Hill

Square Miles:              287

Population:                  5251   

Fun Fact:                     The county was formed on Dec. 19, 1793 and contains the communities of Norwood, Camak, and Warrenton.  The county is in the Little River sub-basin of the Savannah River basin and border the Brier Creek sub-basin of the Savannah River basin and Ogeechee River sub-basin of the Ogeechee River basin.


McCormick SC:          Named for?

Square Miles:              *396

Population:                  10233

Fun Fact:                     Formed in 1916 from parts of Edgefield, Abbeville and Greenwood Counties and is the second least-populous county in S.C. Of the *396 sq.mi. it occupies approx. 35 sq.mi. consist of water or approx. 8.8% of its overall mass.

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District Executive Ron Bane Email
District Commissioner Dave Kenney (706) 831-3825 Email