Venturing Officers Association

Since Venturing is a youth-led program, it is essential that the Venturing leadership structure is youth-inspired and youth-led. Providing leadership, training and program to local-council Crews, the Venturing Officers Association (VOA) consists of youth officers supported by adult advisors who provide leadership to their council's Venturing program. 

Venturing Officers' Association provides oppoerunities for Adventure, Leadership, Personal Growth, and Service. 


Venturing 'Virtual' Open House!                       Sunday | March 7 | 7:00 PM

Sponsored by the VOA, this virtual program will promote opportunities in Venturing to non-Venturing members council-wide. During this virtual presentation, representatives from each Crew will detail to potential new members programs experienced in their Venturing program. Covered in this program will be the basics of 'what' is Venturing, program opportunities, adventure and leadership, and how YOU can engage in Venturing! 

Want to join our adventure? Learn more about Venturing by attending our 'Virtual' Open House on March 7 - 

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Venturing Officers Association

President | Robert Bolton, Jr. 

Vice President, Administration | Mari Gruby

VOA Advisor | Doug Thornton

VOA Staff Adviser | Mike Shook