Executive Board

Council Officers

Council President Sam Tyson
Council Commissioner Paul Korinko
VP of Admin Michael Harley
VP of Program Suellen Cermenaro
VP of Finance Scott Edwards
VP Of Membership Vacant
VP of Fund Development Vacant
VP of District Operations Dr. Gregory Francisco
Treasurer Charles Mason
Legal Council Vacant
National Council Rep Reed Miller

Board Members

Andy Knox Andy Knox Jr.
Bill Breedlove Bruce Ginn
Charles Wilkenson Dave Hunt
Doug Cates * Dr. Michael Graybeal
Dr. Rick Richards Ed Vincent
Jan Hodges-Burch Jeff Foley
Jeremy Wilson Jim O'Hara
Jow Wise Keenan Mann
Keith Milburn Kevin McDougal
Maury Locke Patrick Clayton
Randy Watkins Ron Pflieger
Kate Sanders  

Youth Representative

Bob White Lodge Chief Nick Koenig

District Chairmen

Creek River Stephen Montgomery
Kiokee River Doug Flanagan
Yamasee Norm Powell