2021 Task Force

The 2021 Task Force provided 8 recomendations. 

  1. Move McCormick County from Kiokee River to Yamasee District. 
  2. Explore staff responsibilities to find a way to improve customer service, and productivity for the council. 
  3. Resume management of the council store, and develop service center complex to become GCC Adventure Center
  4. Organize sub-committee to work on United Way of CSRA funding for 2021. 
  5. Explore options for completing the Dining Hall Project at Knox Scout Reservation. 
  6. Build a council membership team.
  7. Develop a single page council / district Quality District Scorecard for 2021.
  8. Update the strategic plan. 

The January update on these recomendations can be found in the attached powerpoint. 

As always, if you have questions or would like to volunteer to support any of these inititaives please contact the staff or volunteer advisor for each objective. 


Objective Volunteer Chair Staff Advisor Status
Move McCormick County Dr. Gregory Francsco Mike Shook Complete
Staff Alignment Keith Milburn Dan Rogers Complete
GCC Adventure Center Vacant Dan Rogers Complete
United Way Committee Jeff Burnette Dan Rogers Complete
Dining Hall Project Randy Watkins Dan Rogers In Process
Council Membership Allan Coutts Rebecca Stiles In Process
Quality District Scorecard Paul Korinko / Dr. Gregory Francisco Staff Complete
Update Strategic Plan Jeff Foley / TBA Dan Rogers In Process


File Name Description
2021 Task Force Report 2021 Task Force Report Download