News for the Georgia Carolina Council

A new Webelos Resident Camp Leader's Guide has been published.

The latest Summer Camp Leader's Guide has been published.

Go to the Summer Camp page for all information about summer camps.

For ongoing Scout Shop promotions go to the Scout Shop Page.

A group of great young men represented the Georgia Carolina Council at NOAC 2015!

Adults interested in leadership for the 2017 Jamboree should fill out and submit a 2017 Jambo Adult Leadership Application.

The New Cub Scout Program handbooks may now be ordered from the Scout Shop. See the Scout Shop page for more details.
Woodbadge 2016 is now open for registration. You can now make multiple payments. Click this link for more information and to register online

Our Scouting 411 newsletters will be coming out twice monthly in emailed PDF formats, to be archived on our Resources->Newsletter Archive pages. Submissions should be emailed to and should be in WORD or TEXT formats. Supporting documents can be PDF format. Photo submissions should be in JPEG or PNG format. Deadlines for submissions are Fridays, and the newsletter will be sent out the following Wednesday (typically the first and third Fridays of the month). If you miss a deadline, it will have to wait another two weeks.

Please include the Who, What, When, Where, Why, Cost, and contact information in your submission, and keep your submissions brief and to the point to catch the attention of Scouts, Scouters, and families.

Thank you for your support of scouting!