News for the Georgia Carolina Council

Military Appreciation Day at the Scout Shop is Nov 8th, in anticipation of Veteran's Day. Free Patriotic Patches at the Scout Shop and a raffle free for our military. Stop by!

A Scout Shop Sale. Dates Oct 27 through Nov 16. Sleeping bags!

Arrow Quest is now accepting late registrations!

$35 for one Webelos with one adult (no t-shirt, no water bottle and no patch included)
$25 for an additional Webelos (no t-shirt, no water bottle and no patch included)
$10 for an additional adult (no water bottle and no patch included)

Deadline: Monday, November 3rd at 5 pm.
To register, please e-mail the event chair directly at:

The following classes are full: scientist, craftsman, and cooking session #3
There is limited space available for the following classes: showman, engineer, and archery session #3 (these classes will be filled on a first-come first-served basis.) All other classes are open.
The Augusta Scout Shop is looking for four temporary employees plus two back-ups to work the week of December 8th and particularly the weekend of December 13-14 for inventory. Please contact the shop as soon as possible if you might be interested. Our phone number is 706-821-8777 and email is

Arrow Quest is November 14-16, 2014 at Knox Scout Reservation! Register Now! Registraton and all information can be found HERE Registration deadline is October 16, 2014 by 11:59 PM. Volunteers, register HERE

Yamasee District Winter Camporee is December 26-29, 2014 at Camp Daniel Marshall. All Scouts and Webelo Scouts are welcome, but sign up is limited to the first 125 Scouts and 25 Webelo Scouts who sign up. Register Now! Registration and all information can be found HERE

Hornaday Weekend is set for December 5th through the 7th at Camp Daniel Marshall. Click Here for more information.

The Augusta Marine/Augusta Bass Masters tournament is November 1st at Clark's Hill Lake. To volunteer or register, see the flier by clicking here.

Please welcome Joseph Chandler as our new Yamasee District Executive. He is looking forward to helping us meet your needs.

Popcorn time!

Unit leaders and popcorn kernels, it is popcorn time! If you are looking for information, please check the council calendar and contact your district's kernel.

Popcorn general information
Popcorn unit commitment forms

Popcorn Kernels and Information:
Mike Graybeal - Council Kernel

Cathy Axel - Kiokee River District Kernel
Kiokee River Popcorn Information
Lottery and Training on August 21, 2014.
Wesley United Methodist Church
Time - TBD

Brandon Johnson - Yamasee District Kernel
Brandon Johnson

Scouts Cameron, Dallen and Fisher completed the Welding Merit Badge at and after our council's summer camp!

Our Scouting 411 newsletters will be coming out twice monthly in emailed PDF formats, to be archived on our Resources->Newsletter Archive pages. Submissions should be emailed to and should be in WORD or TEXT formats. Supporting documents can be PDF format. Photo submissions should be in JPEG or PNG format. Deadlines for submissions are Fridays, and the newsletter will be sent out the following Wednesday (typically the first and third Fridays of the month). If you miss a deadline, it will have to wait another two weeks.

Please include the Who, What, When, Where, Why, Cost, and contact information in your submission, and keep your submissions brief and to the point to catch the attention of Scouts, Scouters, and families.

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